Frequently Asked Questions

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How does New York Auto Approval Center help New Yorkers?

We at New York Auto Approval Center focus our services to all New Yorkers who need financing for their cars. Not everyone can get approved for the best rates offered by banks and other huge lenders. So we’re here to give car buyers affordable auto loans that can satisfy their need for private transportation.

How much time will the application consume?

Not much. Completing an application here with us only takes a minute. Apply online at your most convenient time and place.

Do I have to pay for the application?

No. We don’t charge anything for our service. We give it free.

How much can I get approved for?

The loan amount you will receive largely depends on your credit profile, the vehicle you want to get financed and your monthly income, among other things. File an application first and we’ll get back to you shortly. You can also use our Pre-Approval calculator to get an estimate of the loan amount you can most likely get approved for.

What kind of car can I buy with the auto loan I’ll get from New York Auto Approval Center?

We have no limitations in terms of the type of car we finance. That means you can choose the car you want and let us work the financing part. You do the choosing, we’ll do financing.

 Pre-Approval Calculator 
Good Credit (725+)
Fair Credit (630+)
Poor Credit (575+)
Bad Credit (525+)
No Credit
Monthly Income $
Housing Cost $
Credit Cards $
100% Safe and Secure
Free Credit Checker