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Which Dealer Options Should You Say No To?

Dealers don’t just sell cars. They sell options and services, too. In fact, they make more money selling add-ons than they do selling autos. While some options are worth spending on, others aren’t. If you are going to finance your car, we at New York Auto Approval Center discourage you from financing the 5 dealer options listed below. In fact, regardless of how you are going to pay for the purchase, you should say no to them.


Extended warranties

An extended warranty provides coverage for the entire vehicle except for parts that are typically replaced during routine maintenance. The price of the warranty will depend on term of coverage, amount of deductible, as well as mileage. When you buy the policy from the dealer, expect to shell out about a minimum of $1,000. It could cost more for high-performance and luxury vehicles.

Experts advise against getting an extended warranty because it is not worth the additional expense. If you purchase a reliable car or if you don’t plan to keep the car long after the original warranty expires, another protection policy is unnecessary.


VIN etching

As the name suggests, VIN etching is the process of etching one’s VIN (vehicle identification number) into the vehicle’s windshield and windows. For this procedure, an adhesive plastic stencil with the VIN will be placed on the glass and an acid solution will engrave the number onto it.

VIN etching is highly recommended by the authorities because it makes vehicle recovery easier and helps prevent auto theft. It would be very difficult, if not impossible, for thieves to sell parts with the etching on it. While VIN etching itself is recommended, paying the dealer to do it for you isn’t. You shouldn’t pay $150 to $300 for a procedure that is relatively simple and easy for you to do. Get yourself a more affordable do-it-yourself kit and do the etching yourself.


Paint protection

Dealers market protective paint sealants, which cost over $200, as superior durable barriers that work well against the environment. These sealants maybe superior, but they are unnecessary. Automotive paints used today are high quality products—they are long-lasting finishes that effectively protect your vehicle from the elements. If you regularly wash and wax your car, your car’s paint will remain an effective barrier for a long time.


Fabric protection

This dealer option comes in the form of a spray that is supposed to protect your car’s interiors from stains. You will be charged an additional $100 or more for a mere spray job using an inexpensive product. Just like paint protection, you don’t need this service and for a few reasons. First, the materials and fabrics found inside your vehicle are of high quality; staining will not be a problem if you clean up spills right away. Second, the fabric protection dealers sell puts more chemicals into the car, which you need not be exposed to. Should you ever need more fabric protection, you can get a stain repellent from the store for less money.



Dealers offer undercoating services to new-car buyers for $200 to $1,200. The actual price will depend on the vehicle as well as the treatment package, which comes in either basic or premium. Rustproofing will be more costly if you pay for another option such as sound-deadening, or avail it as part of an option package.

Car buyers like you need not pay for this option because rustproofing already comes with the car. All vehicles that come from the manufacturer’s factory have gotten treatment against corrosion.

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